Erroneous cancellation policy for real estate loans

Wrong cancellation instructions for real estate loans

Wrong cancellation instructions for real estate loans

No prepayment penalty on termination of loan; Cancellation with footnotes is wrong. the right to revoke the loan agreement was wrong.

Free review of your cancellation policy by a specialized bank and capital markets lawyer Deduction of real estate loans and other loans after 21 June 2016 very often possible: With real estate loans completed after January 1, 2010, withdrawal is still possible today. In the event that a withdrawal from the loan is possible.

Consumers should now be reviewing costly lending and credit from a specialized lawyer for revocation. According to a study they have good prospects of revoking and terminating their loan agreement years later. The reason for this is that the unrestricted cancellation joker is no longer valid according to a law of the government from 21 June 2016.

This concerns real estate loans taken out between 2002 and 2010. Do not hesitate and now draw the payout Joker. There is a good prospect for borrowers, especially in real estate and consumer loans, that you have a not inconsiderable legal right against the house granting the loan. It is since the BGH judgment of 01.03.2012, Az. III ZR 83/11, sure that a wrong cancellation policy can not put the deadline in force.

In this respect, all loans completed since the deadline of 31 December 2002 may be terminated if the cancellation policy was incorrect. According to a survey by the consumer center Hamburg, 80 percentage points of 1,800 audited letters of credit were wrong in their withdrawal instructions. Due to the continued possibility of revoking the loan, bank customers can still withdraw from the contract today.

Reduce the interest charge on “old loans”

Reduce the interest charge on "old loans"

This is useful, for example, to reduce the interest charge on “old loans” by revoking the possibility of concluding a new loan agreement at the currently very favorable interest terms. In the event of a mistake in the cancellation policy, the bank may request the return of the prepayment penalty paid. The top 10 banks were talking about wrong cancellation instructions for loans:

It is therefore advisable for the bank’s clients to have the option of revoking their loans through a specialist bank and financial lawyer. Your credit agreement and your termination policy will be checked by us free of charge, simply and promptly. You will be informed in a transparent manner about the expenses incurred and whether the opposition pays off for you. For the revocation check and the written initial consultation, which also includes the application for coverage with your legal expenses insurance, you can reach us via the contact form or by e-mail.