It is Possible to Apply for a Mortgage Loan if You are Self-employed

The workers, after an adequate credit rating; they can apply for a mortgage loan to the Peruvian bank; who grants loans to workers with permanent and independent employment. As well as workers or employees of the public sector, hired and pensioners who have savings accounts in banks. Similarly, they finance workers in the private sector, and freelancers who have the required profile. An explanation over at

Customers who are qualified for home loan approval can apply for a mortgage loan and receive benefits ; among them buying used homes that do not have mortgages, foreclosures or lawsuits; as well as acquiring new homes with an approved credit guarantee mortgage; They can also opt for homes that are under construction.

Also, they may qualify for a transfer of their mortgage debt, to take advantage of better current interest rates. However, customers must cancel the appraisal, registration, notary and management expenses when applying for a mortgage loan.

Credit capacity

Credit capacity

Customers who check payment capacity, can buy house for housing, land to build, beach house or field. They receive financing with grace periods and fixed or variable interest rates depending on the case. Some banks approve credits in the currency that the applicant receives their income, with continuity for one year.

Among the requested documentation is the national identity document DNI, receipt of public services and self-assessment. Each bank requests additional documents according to the client’s working condition and the value of the property.

Benefits and expenses

Benefits and expenses

To pay less for a mortgage, they offer benefits such as wild fees, which allow up to four times not to cancel a fee. The change of payment date is another facility, which can be used twice.

Mortgage expenses are negotiated according to the corresponding rates to cancel the appraisal, notarial and registration expenses. Also, commissions must be paid for property insurance and policy evaluation. Shipments of account statements are canceled, when they are not sent by email.

Peruvians with stable and verifiable money inflows pay monthly and special fees for a loan. They can benefit from the advantages and offers and take advantage of the factors conducive to buying housing.

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