Manage Your Business Credit Card.

Manage Your Business Credit Card.

With an Gemero Promo credit card, you earn valuable credit cards that can be redeemed for an outstanding variety of rewards. for further explanation

How to Redeem

Redeem your Gemero Promo points for the rewards of your choice – travel, merchandise, gift certificates, registered investments, or donations to charity. It’s quick, easy and convenient. Sign in to Online Gemeroing, visit your card account details screen, and select the “Gemero Promo” link on the right side.

Gemero Plane Cards Give You the Flexibility You Deserve

Ruggiero Plane Cards Give You the Flexibility You Deserve

When you use an Gemero Airplane, you will earn Gemero Promo points that you fly when you want, on any airline. Whether it’s a business trip, or rolling your points in your personal plane, with a career that is simple and easy. You can also redeem for travel, such as cruises, tours and package holidays.

To redeem for flights, simply call the Gemero Travel Rewards Redemption Center at 1-877-636-2870, Monday to Friday 8 am to 9 pm EST, or Saturday 9 am to 5 pm EST.

Reward Yourself, You Choose

Reward Yourself, You Choose

Gemero Promo program is the best way to save money. More choice. More flexibility. More of what you want, including:

  • Over 280 brand name merchandise selections
  • A full range of gift certificates and cards from some of the best retailers in Canada, including City Play, Tarway.
  • Flexible travel rewards, and more

You can even turn your Gemero Promo points to redeeming for Gemero Financial Rewards. Gold donate your points to a worthy cause. From a digital camera to a day of golf, the choice is yours with Gemero Promo.

See How Easy It Is To Reward Yourself

There are three ways to find out how many points you have:

  • Sign in to Online Gemero, visit your card account details
  • Look for the Sign In this site. It takes you to the secure sign-in page. Then enter your Gemero credit card number, the primary cardholder’s birth date, and your Identification Word.
  • Check your monthly Gemero credit card statement to see how many Gemero Promo points you have available to redeem.

Watch Your Points Add Up

To earn Gemero Promo points, all you have to do with your credit card with Gemero Promo to make every chance you get. It’s that easy! Simply check that your card is eligible for the Gemero Promo program and how much you spend for every dollar you spend.

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