Strategies to Pay Your Credit Faster

Credit is the means used by the vast majority of companies to maintain a pace of performance and growth, in the pursuit of objectives.

But debts can become overwhelming and acquire dimensions difficult to solve, due to the destination given to money and the correct way in which the respective payments are made.

The vast majority of small business owners solve the problem by making the minimum payment agreed with their financial provider and giving time to time until the loan amount is canceled.

As a result, a good part of the income generated by the business goes into the payment of interest and payments to capital. True! As capital decreases, the amount allocated to interest payments is reduced.

There is the possibility of accelerating the payment of a loan,

payment of a loan,

Meanwhile, the business stagnates, with the aggravating fact that there can be an entrepreneurial expectation that did not prosper or an unexpected situation arises that increases the vicious circles to pay the acquired commitments.

Increasing the so-called “capital payments”. Each additional dollar paid to the amount of the debt can have a favorable impact on the fee. But, to achieve this, discernment and discipline are required for the execution of a business plan.

In FUNDS we are ready, to help you. Our mission is to support and empower small businesses, with smarter financing solutions. We offer financing with flexible terms and rates, based on business performance.

As an example, among our products is the line of credit that allows you to manage the deficiencies of accounts receivable, take advantage of new opportunities and manage unexpected expenses, through the modality of flexible working capital.

Financial modality

Financial modality

the entrepreneur has an amount of money deposited in his commercial checking account, so that he uses what he needs at a specific time. You only pay interest on what you use and the faster you return the money withdrawn, the lower the interest charge.

Apply now. Too easy; It only takes a few minutes and supports each stage of the process you plan to keep your business growing.

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